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    One of the great advantages of the Aerotrek A220-A240 over almost all other light aircraft is that our aircraft have quick-folding wings (one person, just 10 minutes!) and our planes can easily be transported on either an open or a fully enclosed trailer. In many parts of the U.S., hangar space is either not available or is exorbitantly expensive and having a "portable" airplane may be the only good answer.

enclosed trailer from Discovery Trailers . . .
The following photos show a special enclosed trailer that is made for us by the Discovery Trailer company in northern Indiana. This trailer has a special ramp rear door with springs on the bottom that allow for a full-width opening (without requiring cable supports as is typical for enclosed trailers with ramp rear doors). This trailer is 8.5' wide with a 98" interior and door-opening width and a 84" ramp door opening height and an 86" inside ceiling height. This trailer is 24' in length plus a 5' v-nose. It also has interior lights, front stone-guard, and 36" side access door. This trailer costs about $10,000.00, not including some additional cost to add a 12v electric winch, center guide channel, tie-down rings and straps. Please contact us for more information.


The following photos show one of our aircraft in an earlier enclosed trailer of similar design...


Enclosed trailer kept at airport -- portable hangar and lower costs!

Aerotrek A240 & Corvette in special airplane/car-hauler trailer . . .


Aerotrek A240 & Fiat car in special trailer . . .



an open trailer designed for our aircraft . . .
The following photos show a special open trailer that was manufactured for us by the Ja-Mar Mfg. company in Sikeston, Missouri. At this time, these trailers are not available -- however, we can give you other recommendations regarding open trailers that would be appropriate for aircraft hauling. (note: hauling an aircraft on an open trailer should only be in good weather and road conditions, at moderate speeds and for moderate distances)


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